Top gear LIve

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Tony Gasser had his work cut for him when he was asked to create a venue within a venue for the live version of the biggest motoring show in the world. The producers of Top Gear Live Australia wanted a Melbourne venue that was big enough inside for the live show component as well as large enough outside for the associated displays and attractions. The Royal Melbourne Showgrounds fitted the bill almost perfectly the only down fall was that, unlike Unique Attractions structures, the Showgrounds Grand Pavilion structure was not made from block out material. This meant that those attending the scheduled daytime shows would not see the full benefit of the lighting and effects that made up an important part of the show.

To solve the issue Tony teamed up with Warren Marr from Clifton Productions to build one of the largest free span production roofs ever seen in the country. The 5 main roof beams were each made up of four 9.5m long truss sections from Unique Attractions Pyramid Dome structure. A crane was then used to lift each of the 38m long beams on to Clifton's TomCat lifting system and once they were secured and braced the roof was raised.

In order to be able to completely black out the venue 8,000 square metres of specially designed drapes were hung over and from the production roof, while a further 360m of standard theatre drapes were used around the edge of the venue. On top of all this Unique Attractions also supplied 3 blocks of our 15 tier grand stands, with a total of 4,500 seats, to complete the astounding venue with in a venue.