Pyramid dome

The worlds largest tent - unique attractions

Unique Attractions Pyramid Dome is the world's largest temporary or semi permanent free span structure. With over 6,200 square meters of open floor space this innovative structure can be used for a variety of applications including entertainment, sporting events and industrial or commercial spaces. It has a capacity of up to 12,000 people (subject to the nature of your event) so it caters for a wide variety of events. The Pyramid Dome is 59 metres in width and 105 metres in length, with the two peak structure containing a 30 x 45 metre integrated production roof that is 18 metres high and has a structural loading of approximately 40 tonnes, which provides endless theming options to wow audiences and deliver that spectacular event. This flexible, multi-purpose, high-quality tensile structure was made in Italy from the finest Ferrari fabric and is the largest clear-span tensile structure of its kind in the world.

The 17m high internal trussing has strategically positioned loading points that enable it to hold up to 15t in additional weight, creating a high level of versatility. There is also a variety of wall and door systems to choose from, including the option of solid walls and glass doors for semi-permanent installations.

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