John Farnham's Last Tour

Large event tent for John Farnham tour

John Farnham's Last Time Tour kicked off (for the first time) in late January 2003 in the mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. For the next five months Unique Attractions 45m x 60m Event Tent went up and then down again at 29 locations around the country with a total of 75 shows being performed along the way.

As well as providing the Event Tent and 3500 seats Unique Attractions also supplied a significant amount of support infrastructure requiring a total of 30 trucks and 50 staff, making it the first time a tour of this size and nature had been undertaken in Australia. On the 2nd of June the final show took place in Cairns, North Queensland, and a weary, yet jubilant, crew returned home knowing they had been a part of a very special achievement.