Grand event tenT

Gran Event Tent Perth July 2020 016.jpg

Music festivals. Trade shows. Productions or displays. Our Grand Event Tent gives you complete control from a Big Day Out to a Wiggly big national tour:

  • The modular design allows the length to be increased to a capacity of over 10,000 should ticket sales exceed expectations.
  • The trim height is up to 14m, the highest of any tent you will find.
  • The double tensioning system creates a tighter skin for excellent sound quality.
  • The 4.5m high side wall allows easy access for semi-trailers and provides you with the option of pushing the stage back to increase capacity.
  • The 5m spacing's between side poles means there is no need to remove poles and pegs for vehicle access, which delivers a quicker bump in and out.
  • The Kadar Tracks on each side poll allow you a variety of walling system possibilities.
  • The scalloped edges and steep slopes will deter event goers who feel the need to show the world that they can climb.

In short, this is THE tent for any grand event or exhibition and its functional features will even bring a smile on the face of the most hardened production crew. Contact Tony now to ensure availability for your next event.

  • Specifications
    • Internal Length - 30m, 45m, 60m, 75m, 90m, 105m or 120m
    • Internal Width - 45m
    • Internal Floor Space - 1350sqm - 5400sqm
    • Internal Height - 17m (at highest point)
    • Trim Height - 11m - 14m
    • Side Wall Height 4.5m
    • Side Pole Spacing's - 5m
    • King Pole Size - 500mm square
    • King Pole Height - 19m
    • Distance Between King Poles - 15m (centre to centre)
    • Weight Loading 3 tonne - 6 tonne*
    • Peg Depth - 1.5m
    • Minimum Area Required - 40m x 55m to 55m x 130m

*Dependant on terrain category - maximum load must be applied concentrically