Event tent

45x45photos Melbourne 2006 003 -2.jpg

Unique Attractions Event Tent was the first modular tensile structure of its kind in the country, with Tony Gasser offering a design that allowed the length of the tent to be increased or decreased to suit any event.

Since his original prototype Tony has continued to refine his designs with every new structure and despite its early beginnings the Event Tent still looks as good as new thanks to Unique Attractions purpose built tent cleaning facility.

If you have been to a music festival in the last 10 years then chances are you have seen the Event Tent, most recently 2 Event Tents were among a number of structures supplied by Unique Attractions for the 2012 Big Day Out in Melbourne.

  • Specifications
    • Internal Length - 30m, 45m, 60m, 75m or 90m
    • Internal Width - 45m Internal Floor Space - 1350sqm - 4050sqm
    • Internal Height - 14m (at highest point)
    • Trim Height - 10m
    • Side Wall Height 4.5m
    • Side Pole Spacing's - 1.5m
    • King Pole Size - 500mm square
    • King Pole Height - 15m
    • Distance Between King Poles - 15m (centre to centre)
    • Weight Loading 3 tonne - 6 tonne*
    • Peg Depth - 1.5m
    • Minimum Area Required - 40m x 55m to 45m x 100m

* Dependant on terrain category - maximum load must be applied concentrically