About us

Started by the Gasser family in 1995 Unique Attractions prides itself on going beyond the call to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Our qualified and experienced staff work together as a team and are passionate about providing a high level of service as well as a clean and well maintained product.


All of Unique Attractions structures come with an Occupancy Permit issued by the Building Control Commission, while the build process is overseen by a Registered Building Practitioner who holds both a Class 1 and 2 for the Erection and Supervision of Temporary Structures. During your event a number of Unique Attractions representatives remain on site to ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with immediately.

Tony Gasser

Born in Switzerland Tony Gasser is part of the 7th generation of one of Australia's best known Circus families and has been working with tents nearly all his life. After serious injury bought an end to his performing career Tony decided to expand on the families earlier foray into tent hire. Armed with a brief case and only several tents in stock Tony set off to make himself and his services known to as many promoters and event organisers as possible.


Today, nearly 20 years later, most people in the industry know Tony Gasser and those who work with him for the first time generally do so based on his reputation as well as recommendations from others. From these humble beginnings Tony now has over 20 different styles of tents to choose from, in a wide variety of sizes, many of which he has designed himself. Wherever you see a Unique Attractions tent being built you will see Tony Gasser on site overseeing the entire process and ensuring that you get the service you deserve.

Tony and Debbie Gasser - Unique Attractions